Netflix opens a window to creativity with the presentation of its new series ‘Abstract: The art of design’. A program created by Scott Dadich and premiered to the public on February 10, 2017.

The initial season is developed with the profiles of 8 famous designers of the world, divided into 8 chapters. The work of the designer of the well-known brand Nike, Tinker Hatfield; the famous illustrator Christoph Niemann, the stage designer Es Devlin, the famous architect Bjarke Ingels, the graphic designer Paula Scher, the automotive designer Ralph Gilles, the well-known photographer Plato and the well-known interior designer Ilse Crawford.

In each chapter of the series the works of these artists are highlighted. Their works are shown, the creative process used to elaborate their works, the materials they use to give life to their designs. They expose their philosophy and art in general as part of their life.

What is Abstract?
Abstractes a series of documentaries where work areas with tables, pencils, squares, rulers, colors or computers are presented, loaded with creativity. Each episode is dedicated to an artist, who with entertaining interviews exposes his philosophy of life linked to the arts.

The first chapter opens with the presentation of the great illustrator Christoph Niemann, who has stood out for being the author of the covers of “The New Yorker”. In the episode he explains how he creates the ideal environment to begin his work. With the materials ready he drops his gaze on an empty paper, to which he is sure the ideas will arrive in an abstract way.

In fact, Niemann affirms that he begins with many ideas that are progressively discarded until they are reduced to one or two, because they are essential to give a concrete solution to a problem. He later he adds a phrase that aligns with the name of the series: “Abstraction is the most important concept in design”.

It took two years to record the series ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’. In these episodes Dadich managed to connect the stories of these great artists. His main objective is to achieve the maximum connection with the viewer by showing the best stories that these characters hide.

Without a doubt, this is one of those Netflix series that you should not miss and if you like the arts you will enjoy a series full of stories, messages, feelings, connection as part of what a design contains.

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