The main headaches that ecommerce gives, without a doubt, is the abandonment of shopping carts. That is, when a user browses the product catalogs and adds different items to the cart. But at a certain point, he decides to abandon the purchase and withdraw from the site.

This directly affects the sales and reputation of the web, since these users usually do not return. To avoid this evil of e-commerce, it is essential that you put into practice a series of keys that will allow you to avoid cart abandonment.

Tips to prevent the largest number of cart abandonments in your ecommerce
Abandoned carts in virtual shopping are inconveniences faced by both small, medium and large companies. However, the higher the number of abandonments, the greater the negative effect that the conversion rate will suffer and, of course, the sales levels. Keep in mind the following keys:

● Opt for a simple checkout process
Clarity, speed and simplicity, these are the 3 main elements that your users expect to find in the purchase process. And the fact is that the shorter, lighter and faster it is, the more likely it is that they will complete the procedure favorably.

Therefore, leave the information clear from the beginning and request only the necessary data, simplifying the steps for the purchase.

● Offers easy navigation
Usability and user experience are also key aspects to prevent cart abandonment in your ecommerce. Keep in mind that when entering your online store, they will take the time to browse your website a bit, seeing the different products you have to offer, before making the final decision.

Therefore, it is essential that the site has a simple navigation, easily adaptable to mobile devices, with a clean and attractive design at the same time.

● Provides security with quality seals
Every user wants their personal and banking information to be stored in secure sites. To reduce uncertainty and increase trust, add quality and credibility seals to your website. Let your users know that they are in a 100% secure ecommerce.

● Reward with free shipping
Sometimes shipping costs could demotivate the user, leading him to abandon the shopping cart. So that this does not happen, you could try to give him the first shipment, that is, make it totally free. This will increase the credibility of the site and, in turn, will foster greater loyalty in your community.

The most important thing is that you focus on your user, that they leave your site satisfied and loyal.

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