A brand identity is a set of essential elements for any company. It is the general essence of an entity that goes beyond the creation of a logo, through which it will be possible to establish a special bond with the target audience. This is why it is essential to create an optimal and robust message, in order to send the right message to the ideal user.

Tips for creating a good brand identity
Creating a brand identity is something elementary for any business, it is established from the values, concepts and emotions to evoke in potential users. Basically, it is the personality of your company, one more asset that you must take care of and create taking into account important keys, including:

● Determine the brand personality
Based on the organizational values, define what the personality of your brand is. That is, what do you intend to achieve with your offer, what is the added value for your target audience. A successful brand identity is one capable of forging an emotional relationship with the user in favor of their loyalty.

To do this, in addition to defining the purpose, you should also consider the logo, the color palette, the typography, the slogan and other design aspects. All these elements make up the integral personality of your brand.

● Spread the brand
Your brand identity is what users remember about your entity even when you do not mention it to them at all times, it is recorded in their minds. To achieve this result, you must adequately disseminate the personality of your brand, print it through each action to be taken.

For example, use a uniform language depending on the philosophy of your brand (if it has an elegant image, use a professional language), tell the story of your brand from an emotional and inspirational point of view, convey the objective message through advertising , keep the same image on social networks, etc.

● Opt for a differential value
Users should see a noticeable difference between your business and the rest of the competition. To do this, you must resort to providing them with added value. Perhaps through higher quality customer service.

● Maintain comprehensive consistency
Both the visual elements and the communicational aspects must be consistent with the brand identity. Therefore, try to maintain a close bond at all times. Your human resource must also know the identity so that they can correctly connect with your customers.

Your brand identity is your main business card, the face of your entity. So take the time to work on it until you have a harmonious speech.

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