The lack of creativity today is the worst enemy in the online world, or at least it is the best excuse that many have found for not being successful. But the reality is that creativity is in the DNA of every human being. The mistake is mainly in believing that creative thinking is born out of nowhere.

If you pay attention to the great creatives of history, and even those of today, they all started from an already existing idea. They all started from a need that had to be solved in order to make people’s lives easier. Because to create something new, it is necessary that it can be associated with something already known to all.

What then should be the first step to stimulate my creative thinking?
The first step is easier than anyone can imagine: open your eyes and look around you. It is about always looking for what is already done, what everyone knows, the simple things, and the latent needs in your environment.

After doing this, look for solutions that other people have tried, both successful and unsuccessful. Perhaps you can go further than the pioneer of the idea.

Tips to stimulate your creativity
Now you will know some tricks to make the task of getting the most out of your creativity easier and easier.

  • Relaxation is your best friend. Make the most of your moments of relaxation. Avoid waking up late to get somewhere or always keep busy. Don’t spend so much time on the phone, the computer, and other distractions in your moments of relaxation. Be diligent in having relaxation times, as your “eureka!” Hides there. When you disconnect from the world, you connect to your creativity.
  • Buy a sectional notebook. Take it with you everywhere, and every time you have an idea, write it down in your notebook. In this way, you organize your ideas by projects, solutions to specific needs, etc.
  • Dare to fail. The best way to have a very good idea is to have a lot of ideas. That is why each idea you have is a gain for you in experience, in taking another step in a project that you are undertaking, in time that you will no longer have to consume in the future, etc. Don’t discount any idea no matter how bad or silly it may seem to you.
  • Give your brain a variety of food. Traveling, knowing new places, listening to new music, watching movies, reading books that you have never touched, will always add to your creativity because it will force you to expand your brain.

By following these tips, you will discover that it is an easy task to stimulate the creative thinking hidden within you.

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