The name of your company is the main aspect that you must take into account during the development of your business, it may seem very simple at first, but you will discover that it is not like that. The fact of establishing a certain name for your company can be the differential value between driving it to success, or leading it directly to failure.

Precisely for that reason, in this article we give you a series of tips that will allow you to create the most suitable name for your new company.

Tips to find the name / brand of your new company
Inspiration, creativity and originality are the first elements to consider. Also, keep the following in mind:


  • Define what message you want to communicate
    What message do you want to give your customers through the name of your company?

Keep in mind that the name will define what your business is like and what it does to solve a market problem. So, this should describe your type of business, differentiate it from the competition and highlight its virtues.

Make sure that when you pronounce your business name, you immediately understand what the business is about and what is the main benefit for consumers. Therefore, avoid generic names, be precise and direct. For example, check the keywords of your niche, so you will know which searches your users react favorably to.

  • Set a short, memorable and simple name
    The longer my company name is, the better it will be? No!

Users are individuals with a selective memory, they remember only and exclusively what has been clicked with their lifestyle. A long name may be very “original”, but it does not assure you that it will be memorable, much less easy to remember.

You must establish a short, memorable and simple name. Look at the “Apple” and “Amazon” models, one word, but a lot of story to tell. The more specific and brief you are, the more easily your users will remember you.

  • Use different formats
    Not only to legally register it, you must research your market to determine if there is a similar name and that it is directly from your competition. Also, take a walk through social networks and domains to see if that name is available.

Remember that the image of your company must be consistent, you cannot assign it a name so that it appears with another on social networks and a very different one on the official website. First of all, think about the creation of your brand, and its projection on all channels.

The name of your company should be short, easy to pronounce, memorable, pleasant and, very important, that it generates expectation about what your business offers.

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