It has happened to every designer at some point! That space of time that seems eternal in which we do not find that “something” that allows us to express our greatest potential when designing. It is a feeling of lack of creativity that can frustrate anyone and we have all been in that mess, but what to do when you do not have the slightest idea to start designing? Where to look for inspiration for your designs? Let us begin…

How to find inspiration?


  • Make a blank
    The so-called blank spaces are nothing more than a certain time in which we simply disconnect from everything we are doing to refocus on our ideas and efforts. You do not necessarily have to retire to a mountain to meditate, but you should do that activity that causes a reset in your mind, a disconnection that allows you to evaluate the work from a broader and more general plane. You can leave the computer and go out for a drink, walk, listen to music or eat something of your choice, the important thing is to reduce the pressure generated by the lack of fluidity and when that happens return to work.
  • Remember the essential
    Start with basic approaches that are around your goal design. If it is a logo for a company, think about the values ​​of said company, use keywords that the client has mentioned when expressing their desire.Choose some verbs! Because these are connected to an action, they represent a great source of starter ideas. You can also ask yourself this question: What is the purpose of this design?
  • See works of people you admire
    It will always be of great benefit to take a look at the creations of those who are an influence on you. In doing so, it is very likely that there is a combination of colors, typography, vectors, textures, in short, a pattern that allows you to take the inspiration you need to get out of creative infertility.
  • Share with others
    There is a saying that quotes: “a shared load in less heavy to carry”. Start to link and share your loads with other designers so that they can generate a creative alliance. Talk to them about their projects and the aspects that represent a challenge, surely two heads think better than one and if it is a community the opportunities are exponential.

What do you think of this article? Surely you have your own experience, tell us what you have done to overcome this common obstacle when designing.

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