The Christmas season is one of the busiest seasons in business, during this time important gaps are opened for the commercialization of goods and services in large volumes, but only those who have planned their marketing strategies in advance will be successful. Mailing is one of the most concrete and effective strategies to promote products and services in order to increase the conversion rate and consequently profitability, but what do you need to know to achieve a highly impactful and successful Christmas mailing campaign? ?

Preparing a mailing for Christmas?
It all starts with planning

Great results undoubtedly start with good planning. It is necessary to clearly define the objectives you are pursuing and from there the exact and unique strategy you need emerges. Usually at Christmas you choose to make a gift to subscribers or better customers and planning this in advance will even allow you to define how much the necessary investment cost will be.

Offer something uniquely better

Your campaign must be impregnated with originality and uniqueness due to the fact that a large number of newsletters are received at this time, which translates into greater competition. Based on this, it may be necessary to ask yourself, what do I need to include in my proposal to make it totally irresistible? It is likely that you will find yourself with the need to invest in defining a unique and very striking Subject or Subject, this aspect is decisive for your mail to be taken into account.

Emotions are the key

The Christmas period is full of many emotions and this makes your potential customers more prone to make decisions to buy or subscribe, so your strategy must connect with the heart, for example: use the value of sharing as a platform for your Subscribers communicate your offers to their friends and offer a reward for it. You will surely realize that linking emotions with strategy will have a greater impact.

The final action

The Call to Action or calls to action are a powerful tool to achieve your goal, however, it must be borne in mind that they must be visible, that they stand out, but do not break the harmony, that they do not waste the receiver’s time and make it easy to run.

There is no doubt that making Christmas mailing is a challenge. Achieving success in this lies in intentionally thinking about our receivers, segmenting and making them feel truly special and identified with our brand or company.