Albergue Boente | Web design, Booking Engine and SEO

Website design with integration of a booking engine and SEO positioning work for the Albergue Boente.

The Albergue Boente trusted us and gave us total freedom to carry out the design of their website. The idea was to create a page that had a clear structure, responsive design, was optimized at the SEO level, that took care of the user’s experience to the smallest detail and that in turn had an integrated booking engine that worked as support for the reservations it receives. daily through Booking.

On the other hand, it’s useless to have a website with a booking engine that don’t have the necessary visits to make it profitable, for that reason the Albergue Boente asked us to carry out an SEO positioning strategy that would be able to place it on the first pages of the Search engines for searches such as: Sleeping stage 29 of the Camino De Santiago, Private hostel in Boente or accommodation for pilgrims in Boente, among other searches.

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