Albergue Milpés | Web development and SEO Positioning

Website design and SEO Positioning work for the Albergue Milpés.

Complete development of the digital project of Albergue Milpés. In the tourism sector, having a visual and clear web page is key for your business, but even more so if you dedicate yourself to the world of pilgrimage sector where competition is maximum. This is what we developed for the Albergue Milpés digital project, a simple and intuitive website, 100% response that takes maximum care of the user experience.

On the other hand, Albergue Milpés has trusted us for more than 4 years for its SEO positioning. After years of work we have achieved very favorable positions in different searches: Ribadiso pilgrim accommodation, Ribadiso private hostel, Arzúa pilgrim hostel, among many other searches.

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