Fava Coruña | Web design and development

Conceptualization and web design for the Federación de Asociaciones Vecinales de A Coruña y Área Metropolitana.

The Federación de Asociaciones Vecinales de A Coruña y Área Metropolitana commissioned us to create a website with 3 essential requirements for the proper functioning. The first requirement was that the website be multi-language: Galician and Spanish. It was also necessary to have a section with an events calendar that would show all the actions that Fava Coruña takes daily and an open forum that would allow the participation of all its users. The result of this digital project is a simple, attractive website with good web navigability, the user can scroll through all the pages knowing at all times where they are.

On the other hand, the Fava Coruña team also received hours of training to learn how to manage different sections of its website: blog, forum and calendar.


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