Digital marketing is a universe that is expanding more and more, this brings with it countless opportunities for advertising innovation that increasingly demands the specialization and assertiveness of graphic design.

Within all graphic design there are three basic elements in no order of importance: an image, geometric or irregular figures (Vectors) and typography. The image says a lot, geometric figures have their expression, but reading something directly is essential. No matter how minimal the typographic expression in a design, the advertised brand will carry a letter, it is not always perceived or given relevance, but without a doubt typography is a fundamental part of every design. Here are a couple of reasons why we consider that you should pay close attention to this element:

Typography connects with the mind
Typography is part of the advertising elements that impact the subconscious because it is associated with products, brands and emotions, for example: the type of letters such as impact or humans characterized by their greater thickness are associated to express promotions, offers, sold out among others. This at first glance is imperceptible, but if you start to detail you will find typographic patterns associated with the approach you want to give to advertising

It is necessary to reach a greater public

One aspect that needs to be highlighted regarding this issue and that is decisive in the world of graphic design, web design and advertising are the Typographic Games, this concept is present when different fonts, sizes and colors of letters converge in a same design. The assertive application of this technique allows to attract a greater number of public due to the diversity, it is also used to highlight the information of greater importance (generally it is highlighted using a larger font size) and connects with the rest of the information of lesser importance. importance. How to corroborate this? We encourage you to take a product from your kitchen and on the label you can detail the diversity of typography present… Interesting isn’t it?

There is no doubt that typography in the world of graphic and web design is of the utmost importance, so we encourage you to continue learning about it and improve your criteria more and more. Leave us your impressions about this topic, we are eager to know what you think.

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