There is a physical law that states that “every action generates a reaction.” Throughout this year you have executed actions on your website that have triggered a reaction in your SEO positioning, however, it is vitally important to know how to effectively analyze the results of the positioning that your page has had, so we have prepared some factors that you must have in mind for it.

Keys to analyze the SEO positioning of your website
Define the appropriate point of comparison

Before analyzing it is important to note that some analyzes are not effective because they have biased results due to comparison errors. For example: You decide to make a change to your website and the traffic experiences a change, this could be for two possible reasons:

That the action has generated a reaction in the traffic directly
That the change is temporary because at that time of year the traffic suffers an increase or decrease
Specify the appropriate metrics for your analysis

This is very important so we bring you a small list of possible metrics that you should include:

Indexing your pages

This factor is one of the main ones since it is directly related to the chances that your page has had to appear in google search results. This aspect leads us to the next …

Ranking of your Keywords

If you have optimized the use of your Kw during the year, this factor is extremely relevant and although for many it has lost value since the emergence of Social Search (which is nothing more than Google’s use of social behavior generated by the user to offer them results in line with that pattern), but it is still important to evaluate the evolution of organic visits that our page has received based on the optimized keywords.


This metric is inescapable when analyzing the SEO positioning results of this year and the reason is indisputable, if your page likes users and they find what they need, they will stay on it for as long as they need, they will even share content, they will subscribe, they will buy, they will do whatever is required to supply their need.

We know that there are other metrics that could be relevant to evaluate the performance of your page this year, so leave us your comment on those that you consider should be added to this list.

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