Pay Per Click (PPC) or also known as SEM, is a digital advertising strategy that consists of generating visibility through Sponsored Links on Google. By offering immediacy and control, this type of advertising has become a very effective channel to promote a brand on the web.

As the name implies, you will only pay when a visitor clicks on the advertisement to reach your website. So, if you are thinking of implementing this strategy, in this article we provide you with a series of basic tips so that your pay-per-click campaign provides the expected results.

Keys to starting a pay-per-click campaign
Before implementing your SEM ad campaign, you should consider the following:

● Select the correct keywords
To define them, put yourself in the shoes of a consumer, think with what words you would search for your products and / or services. The idea is that you are not so general, remember that the competition is wide and your brand could easily get lost in it. However, you do need to give importance to the key phrases that your potential users would use instead of focusing on your brand name.

● Define your budget
It is very important that you start with a fixed budget that you can gradually increase according to the results obtained from the ads. From the beginning, establish the maximum amount that you can pay monthly for clicks to your website. Keep in mind that when you consume this budget, your ad will stop showing, as it will have a duration based on clicks.

● Set eye-catching and simple titles
The title will be the first thing your potential user will see, so it will greatly influence the possibility of clicking on the advertisement. The purpose of the title is to immediately attract the attention of the user, inviting him to learn more about your website by pressing the ad.

● Highlight the benefits
You must give users reasons to click on your ad, so highlight the benefits. That is, the title and description are the main benefits and the most striking.

● Segment your ads
Keep in mind that you can target your ads to potential users of your brand in specific geographical areas. For example, if you have an online store, select the countries to which you can ship and to them, target the ads.

● Analyze the results and optimize the ads
Remember that one of the main benefits of this type of digital advertising is that it is easily measurable. Then measure, analyze and apply improvements as often as necessary for the ads to deliver the desired results.

With a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign you can achieve positive results in a short time. Of course, keep your ads optimized at all times.

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