Renewing the image of brands is something necessary from time to time, as long as the circumstances warrant it. Recognized brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have refreshed the image of their business to adapt to their audience through the ages. Some designs were successful, some were not. Therefore, you must take care of every detail.

What is brand rebranding?
It is a process whose objective is to reformulate aspects of the current brand personality to project a fresher image that adapts to the new stage of the business.

In short, brand rebranding is profound changes internally and externally. Its purpose is to optimize the current image of an entity to adapt it to new beginnings or innovative behaviors of the target audience, which demand a new version of the company.

Therefore, it goes beyond changing the color palette and typography. They are drastic changes, but necessary to be successful.

Keys to doing a proper brand rebranding
If you think that your business is at the most opportune moment for a brand rebranding, then use the following keys to do it properly:

● Define the virtues of the new brand
One of the most important aspects to consider in the reformulation of the brand identity is to define or redefine the organizational values. For example, who are we, what is the mission and vision of the company, etc. It is essential that you determine if the organizational values ​​continue to be fulfilled, or if you now have new purposes.

To do this, it raises the SWOT analysis (or SWOT) to verify the new virtues of the brand to consider in the new image and essence of the entity.

● Design a visual concept based on the new virtues
Once you define or redefine the organizational values ​​that will be the new attributes of the brand, you must create a visual identity according to these new virtues. That is, you must work on the integral design of the company, encompassing new colors, fresh typography, innovative shapes, etc. Without losing the central focus of the company.

● Incorporates the elements to the new brand
With the redefinition almost ready, it is time to print the new elements in the general corporate identity of the brand, covering the visual aspect. For example, stationery, packaging, logo, web, everything that will interact with the user. It is important to let him know that the company has a new brand.

● Evaluate the impact on users
Measuring the reach of the new brand is essential to track the level of success achieved. So take the time to read the comments and interactions to see whether or not the new brand identity was well accepted.

A rebranding is an action necessary to maintain the interest of the audience and guarantee success in the market.